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Katherine brings over 20 years experience in personal training and counseling. She has trained over 100 people worked internationally of all ages, races, and cultures. Katherine has studied and practiced martial arts for over 10 years achieving a black belt in Tae Kwondo as well as a brown belt in Judo. She is a lifelong learner, having attained 2 degrees, one in Physical Education and Nutrition; the other in Russian Literature and Linguistics, multilingual.  Her next goal is to attain certification in Reiki and  degree for Medical Assistant program to supplement her skill set in helping others achieve health, fitness,  and whole body healing. 

Katherine's approach is to customize programs to fit the needs, goals, and lifestyle's of her clients while gently yet firmly enforcing a "no excuse" attitude. She is an expert in clean eating and the use of nutritional supplements to accelerate the progress of fitness goals while enhancing the bodies ability to loose fat and increase muscle. Having competed internationally in body building and fitness, Katherine has trained men and women in preparation for events including natural body building and fitness shows. She also offers sports training- pre-season & on-season

Written by Curtis Harwell — April 26, 2013

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